Consultancy Services through Cimbria Consulting, LLC. Texas, U.S.

Cimbria Consulting, LLC

I provides consultancy services as a Senior Consultant at Cimbria Consulting, LLC, Texas, the U.S. as a team member of international experts. Read through this page to learn more about Cimbria Consulting and the consultancy services I provide.

About Cimbria Consulting, LLC

Cimbria Consulting works in true partnerships with management teams to help businesses create technology, practices, and strategies for outsized growth in agriculture, renewable energy, and water. We deliver effective results by understanding the needs of our clients and applying highly specialized consultants to solve challenges. The Cimbria Consulting team is a select group of senior-level technical experts, business executives, and industry specialists driven by a shared ambition to improve corporate efficiency, visibility, and profitability - and to simply “make companies better.” The team is known for as developing customized solutions designed, optimized, and deployed specifically for the improvement needs of each client project. The consultancy works with agriculture, renewable energy, and water companies both domestically and internationally due to the consultants’ profound geographic diversity, multilingualism, and global experience.

Cimbria Consulting Focus Areas:

Agriculture, renewable energy, water, and business consulting.

Services I Provide at Cimbria Consulting As a Senior Consultant

As a specialist in urban environmental resource management and environmental impact assessment; I also work on multi-disciplinary sustainability, and how to obtain “win-win” solutions to today’s most complex environmental and business issues such as resource use, waste, water, and energy. My core expertise includes: Environmental impact assessment; life cycle assessment (LCA); social life cycle assessment; emission reduction; solid waste management; electronic and hazardous waste management; recycling; energy; material and substance flow analysis; inventory analysis; environmental policies; integrated environmental management approaches; stakeholder engagement; scenario development and evaluation; and environmental sustainability. Also, I possesses an Information Technology (IT) background and work experience he utilizes to help make companies better.

Summary of the Services Provided:

Municipal solid waste management, Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment (WEEE; e-waste) and hazardous waste, environmental impact assessment, emission reduction, energy, integrated water resource management, IT business and industry.

My Approach to Make Companies Better

I make companies better by integrating skills and experience within research, technical, and IT disciplines with an analytical and integrated approach to bringing in improvement opportunities. I evaluate production processes and their life cycles with LCA; identifying hotspots and opportunities for improvements I develop and assessing future improvement scenarios/strategies with a comparison with the present state of a company and estimate the cost and benefits of alternatives. I establishing and analyzing strategies that examine the entire life cycles of a product, service or a system. Last, I implement realistic solutions and strategic actions with monitoring feedback.

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Cimbria Consulting, LLC

Cimbria Consulting, LLC